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Daycare as an enabler

Crèche-Daycare Services

Where Every Child's Journey Begins

One of the challenges the teen mum face is a safe space to leave/drop their children when they are attending their vocational training classes within Mathare informal settlement. A day-care at MCFPanairobi has proven to be the right mechanism to resolve the vocational training dropout cases among teenage mothers enrolled in the program.

Love and Care.

Prior the establishment of the daycare, teenage mother would drop out and go for very low paying jobs to fend for themselves and their babies. MCFpanairobi is a child safeguarding organization hence gives children affairs first priority.

We provide decent daycare services within the organization where babies of the teenage mothers are taken good care of by 2 professional child minders.

Overcoming emotional and relational challenges.

We also provide two hot meals for both the teenage mothers and their children.

This is a main booster for the teenage mother self-esteem by making them have a sense of confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are still able to attend classes and have her child taken care of without worrying about baby sitter.

The day care services have contributed greatly to vocational training completion rates.

We really appreciate your help and support.

It is essential to recognize the uniqueness and importance of each child and ensure they have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference