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The program was initiated in 2012 and was informed on our work experience in Mathare for over 14 years. Initial program design was as an Early Care and Childhood Development program targeting teenage mothers (aged between 12 and 19 years). Many children under 5 years are often left to their own devices; no one takes care of them. Their fathers, who in most cases do exist, shun away from their parental responsibility, and the mothers, who are children themselves are overwrought by their work to sustain a living for their small family. MCFp intervention envisions the teenage mothers acquiring different skills, mainly; Cosmetology and Garment Making.

Currently, MCFpanairobi runs a 6 months program for Teenage Mothers with at least 60 teenage mothers empowered each year u from 30 in the first 3 years of implementation. The program demands that teenage mothers bring along their children to the training centre where besides their courses they also under go Life Skills training. Our exit strategy involves linking teenage mothers who have attained 18 years of age with employment in a Clothes Manufacturing company and local salons and beauty shops. To date, 169 teenage mothers have successfully completed the program and are gainfully employed.