• reusable sanitary pads

There have been campaigns in both poor rural and urban informal settlements to provide adolescent girls with sanitary protection and help bridge disparities between adolescent girls and boys both in primary and secondary education in Kenya. Although these campaigns still go on, the impact has been minimal and this is mostly due to the expenses incurred by the organizations – who mostly rely on donor funding – who will buy disposable sanitary pads and there by becoming very hard to sustain the project.

Reusable Sanitary Pads are a sustainable and easily renewable resource that allows girls to wash and reuse them rather than having to buy disposable pads every month. In addition, they are comparatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly. The social benefit of the implementation of this concept greatly mitigates the disadvantages and challenges many disempowered girls endure during their process of maturing. Beginning 2015 MCFp embarked on a social enterprise; manufacturing ReUsable Sanitary Pads to meet a need for young girls and women who may not afford disposable sanitary towels. Additionally, the project aims to help keep girls in school and reduce adolescent pregnancy arising from early engagement in sex in exchange for cash to buy basic items such as sanitary towels.