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The Aktion Regen-MCFp Partnership goes back to 2018 when, with the support of Aktion Regen, MCFp implemented a 1-year project “Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young Adolescent in Mathare” that ran from June 2018 to June 2019 However, the COVID-related restrictions affected continuity, resulting in a break till June, 2021 when MCFp initiated the ongoing 1-year project Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of 9-18 year-old Adolescents within Schools in Mathare and its Environs.

The initiative builds on the successes of the 2018-2019 intervention, adding an extra component of mobilizing and organizing parents to support the activities of School Health Clubs towards proving sexual and reproductive health of adolescents.

Currently the program being implemented by Mathare Children’s Fund Panairobi with an aim to contribute to improved health and well-being among young adolescents (9-18years) in Mathare. The expected results is to Informed Parents/Guardians on SRHR knowledge, skills and aware of where to access to services for their adolescents in targeted primary schools in Mathare. In addition the program is to provide a supportive school and community environment created for young adolescents' sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The second phase of the project targeting 20 parents (10 Female and 10 Male) from the 10 schools in Mathare. In addition, the project has continued to provide continuous support to the 10 Health clubs established in the phase 1 of the project with a projection to reach to 100 parents, 200 young adolescents and 20 teachers directly.

The project aimed at increasing knowledge and skills on SRHR to students and teachers. Over the period, the project will be implemented at school level, while enlisting the support of the health services provides and the school communities.

The proposed phase two recognize the critical role that adolescent, parents, guardians and communities play in the promotion of SRHR issues among the adolescents. It also recognizes need to adopt s holistic approach to effectively and efficiently reach out to adolescents with information and services.