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Thank you note

02 Nov, 2016 Blog

"BEFORE: Day broke...I knew that it wouldn't bring anything more than it had already taken from. I did not not need to open my eyes to figure out what time it was. Here, in this nervous breakdowns, time did not matter: it was just a light replacing the dark lusterless light that flashed across the mind and left no trace. Day broke, and so what, and then what??? As far as i was concerned, it was a stranger passing through who had nothing to do with me!!!

NOW, the day has a meaning, a purpose, school awaits me, i recognize the morning instinctively. I have a clock in my head. I feel the dawn as as a familiar presence. I sense it standing by bedside, i even hear it breath to me! I have prospects to establish, schedule, a status even, tasks to accomplish and change this world for better..."

All this is thanks to friends like you who have stood by me and the other kids in MCFpanairobi...